About Us

Who Are DinoPC?

Dino PC is a boutique custom PC system integrator focusing on high-performance gaming PCs and professional workstation systems. Based in North London UK, Dino PC ensures each system features the latest technology and the most reliable components, providing enthusiasts users and casual buyers alike with the reassurance and quality of our highly-skilled builders.

What’s Your Mission?

Our goal is to deliver the ultimate custom computing experience in terms of overall value-for-money, long-term reliability, and high-performance technology – exceeding customer expectations when it comes to service and support.

What is Your Main Focus?

Our passion is gaming and helping customers get the most out of their new system. We are very excited to work in an industry where we can produce latest spec PCs that push past the limits of what’s deemed possible. Bringing our systems to the front lines, whether it’s by gamers, professionals, as well as developers, e-sports teams and gaming events, DinoPC remains focused on giving users the experience they desire from their computing needs.

We look forward to providing you with a better computing experience!

Where Can I Find You?

You can visit our showroom in North London or you can visit our website.