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Even with the months that go by we greatly appreciate the feedback we gather from our fans & customers. Because of this, we believe in sharing the experience with those who may be considering shopping at Dino PC, as well as showing how much we value our existing customers in the long term.

Back in September 2017 Craig Scrivener purchased a system from us, making a crucial decision to upgrade his existing system, which he also purchased from us the 3 years prior.
This is what Craig had to say:

On the 12th February 2018, Craig was kind enough to share his thoughts on the system – after checking up on him, as part of our aftercare.

                                               Craig’s system

“Hi, Everything’s great with latest PC and considering the specs, it should be ok for a while yet, until 4K widescreen, G-Sync, HDRand 144hz is an affordable thing anyway 🙂
Kind of wished I’d got braided cables but never mind.
Have recommended you to a few people who have seen my PC so hopefully they’ve taken my advice!
Keep up the good work,will be in touch for the next one 🙂
Thanks, Craig”


At Dino PC we value the experience of our customers more than anything else. We believe that nothing else should be held of higher importance when to the day-to-day activities of the user and his or her system.

If Craig’s experience was helpful to you and you would like to know more about the services and products offered by Dino PC, don’t hesitate to contact us:

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