Case Studies: Online Performance & Social Play

“First of all, we think that you guys have been super helpful and incredibly generous towards us. Honestly when I first contacted you, it was a shot in the dark and I was surprised you directly trusted us. We are grateful for your support.”
Tomaso Portunato, Co-founder,

The Company
Founded in 2017, with the goal of bringing together a great variety of gamers from both the mainstream audience as well as competitive players, Platform is a social gaming events company based in the UK. Led by Tomaso Portunato, Guillaume Borkhataria, and Lucas McDo Weintraub, Platform has risen in popularity extremely quickly, being recognized for the social and communal aspects revolving around video games, partnered with well-known companies in delivering the best in-class entertainment.

The Challenge
Searching for a local company with a wide reach across the UK, Platform’s requirement in reaching all individuals across all major gaming platforms meant the need for gaming PCs was evident. Alongside traditional game consoles which succeed in bringing together the advantages of local-play, more ambitious areas such as LAN, online, and eSports gaming would only be possible through the features and technology only made viable through PC gaming.

The Solution
With every major event and communal gathering taking place in the UK – primarily London, Platform sought Dino PC to be the most suitable provider for the required activities. Serving as a key sponsor for each event being produced by Platform in the future, a range of custom PCs were assembled that would prove ideal for its requirements. Based around upgradability, durability, and portable in nature, these range of systems where designed to meet the needs of eSports titles and online-play.

“…the computers are great (both in performance and looks!). Your peripherals are super cool as well.”



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