Dino PC Open Showroom

Thanks to the amazing feedback Dino PC has received from the Bonfire Bonanza Gaming Event which took place on the 11th November, Dino PC has decided to expand the London showroom to include additional systems which will be available for the public to use. This area will consist of Dino PCs most popular gaming systems such as the Primal GS7, Primal Ragnarok, and the brand new Primal Hunter X. For those who may find it difficult to decide which system they would like to buy they will be able to try out a variety of games across different resolutions, graphics qualities, refresh rates and screen sizes, on the latest gaming displays from Asus.

As each and every system has been designed to deliver a very specific level of performance for a variety of gamers, our gaming PCs will demonstrate this so that each consumer is well informed on the system they plan to purchase. For those looking to purchase an entry-level gaming PC designed for Full HD gaming, a system will be ready to greet them. For those seeking an experience of higher visual fidelity with increased frame rates across Ultra-wide Cinema displays as well as the ever so popular 2K gaming monitors, a more powerful system will be waiting. And for those wanting a gaming experience that’s only available on the most powerful graphics cards and modern processors – built for 4K resolution and maximum fidelity, Dino PC will have a system ready to go.

Our test-run area also extends to our Project Cars 2 Racing Zone, equipped with a steering wheel and pedal configuration – powered by the infamous Primal Predator ROG Edition system. As well as the many gaming PCs available to try, there will also be different configurations of PC gaming peripherals such as gaming mice and mechanical keyboards. Our Virtual Reality Space will also remain open for the public with dedicated spaces for the HTC Vive full room experience, along with the Oculus Rift seated experience. The showroom will be open on weekdays 9:30 to 16:30, no bookings required, free of charge. We encourage all residents of the London area to stop by and take one of our gaming PCs for a test run, as well as those coming from greater distances.

Dino PC London showroom: 
Unit 6C Dominion Business Park
Goodwin Road
Edmonton, London
N9 0BG
Contact: 0333 0033 316

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