WeGeek’s Gaming Event – The Morning After In-Review

Giving way for a wide range of tournaments, tech-showings and casual gatherings over booze and board games, WeGeek certainly goes above and beyond when it comes to putting on a show. As well as the many up and coming indie game developers showcasing their titles, those looking for a nostalgic head rush over a Super Nintendo or SEGA MegaDrive are guaranteed an excellent time. Returning once again with our iconic Gaming PCs – bearing the Tri-Claw symbol for whatever reptilian may have laid its mark – PC gaming is stronger than ever, and with our HTC Vive virtual reality setup the next step in gaming proved to be a standout.

He Thinks He’s Spiderman, Yet He’s Wearing Camo Shorts.

As WeWork, Moorgate for the chosen venue – in what appears to be a Macbook infested Hipster-cafe by day gets transformed into a space-for-hire once night fall hits. (Seriously, I’m not kidding. This place could be the setting for Ubisoft’s next Watch Dogs game). With our four-way setup for a Rocket League knockout and our HTC Vive powered system in full swing for a vertigo-inducing Spiderman VR Sim, the night was well underway. One thing in particular which deserves full respect and appreciation is WeGeek’s approach to promotion and awareness of the event. While a great majority of the crowd were gamers – naturally, we had a large number of people who weren’t in fact “video game players” at all. This proved great as the allure and temptation that the HTC Vive offered proved no challenge in converting those unfamiliar with gaming, not to mention those unfamiliar with PC hardware.

Rocket League Requires An Update!

As you would’ve no doubt guessed, Spiderman Homecoming: VR was our star attraction. Space Pirates Trainer and Virtually Impossible were certainly enjoyable titles – being diverse within gameplay and offering something unique and appealing, but like a fly to a web the crowds flocked in for Spidey. Playing out as a ten minute experience which involves putting on the mask, webbing up targets and engaging in battle with the infamous Vulture atop a 400ft crane, the game’s ending has players swinging through the streets of virtual Manhattan while their physical knees go weak with fright. We can only hope for more experiences of this nature, as it takes a certain experience within VR to truly make people believe in the potential. Time and time again it has been said, that for one to believe in virtual reality they have to experience virtual reality. Unlike 3D movies or games which project images in to the physical environment, VR pulls the player into its world – eliminating the visual presence in the physical world. And I can’t think of a better way to do so than wearing the iconic red and blue swimsuit.

What Are You Scared Off, Pete? You Got This.

PC gaming and virtual reality aside, the event also had a large range of retro gaming setups available to play – featuring classics such as Street Fighter II, Soulcaliber, and the original Mario Kart. Along with modern hits like Tekken 7 and Crash Bandicoot: Remastered, whatever your preferences for gaming may be there was certainly something for everyone. And let’s not forget the Mario Kart 8 tournament and the Nintendo Switch gaming area. Naturally, we’ll be back when WeGeek is back, and we’re most certainly going to go bigger and better – bringing a new set of toys and more powerful systems for the audience to play with. Be sure to check out WeGeek’s website for further details and their current activity, as they’re always planning something fun and entertaining for London nerds to get involved in.
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Until next time…Superman VR…Guess we’ll see.

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