Why Are AMD Graphics Cards MIA?

As many gamers and PC enthusiasts will no-doubt have noticed AMD graphics cards are in extremely short supply – primarily the entry-level GPUs. Due to the sudden rise in Bitcoin value now at an estimated average of $2900 per Bitcoin, the availability of the graphics cards remains in horribly low, since they are essentially being purchased the moment they’re available. Flashback to 2014 going on 2015, AMD’s R9 200 Series of GPUs had launched the year prior and were beginning to raise in price due to their efficiency of Bitcoin mining as well as the current value of the currency being quite high.

Where AMD graphics cards feature an architectural design that’s greatly more efficient than Nvidia’s in terms of processing complex calculations in a specific way that’s relevant to the formulation of Bitcoin mining, then it’s clear we’re in for a world of trouble in regards to outfitting our High-End gaming machines with Dual-GPU configurations. Leading to further problems beyond the availability of the cards themselves, when they are viable to purchase the newly-reformed price tag that comes with them also sees a spike. Primarily due to solo sellers across online outlets such as ebay and Amazon buying in bulk and selling to the highest bidders, as well as AMD’s anonymous stand on manufacturing availability for the new batches of cards, its latest range of RX Series graphics cards are currently in Limbo.

Being extremely popular and within high demand the RX 580 stands as the easiest graphics card to get hold of at this current time. Where those such as the RX 570, RX 560 and the RX 550 are looking to go the way of the Dodo before they can gain mass penetration, the RX 580 isn’t too far behind. When the RX Series of graphics cards eventually resurface they will be available both as standalone products and part of pre-built systems.

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