Destiny 2 Gets Game Ready With GeForce GTX

Initially launching way back in September 2014 for the Xbox and PlayStation platforms, Destiny proved to be a success amongst the console audience. Proving MMO shooters could be a hit on console, along with a great number of expansion packs to prolong the experience the game managed to establish an audience. Many PC gamers where unsettled by the announcement of the game beforehand – being only on console without a PC version in development. As the genre has proven to be right at home on the PC, this decision left many PC gamers in anguish, misery, disheartened as though they didn’t have enough games to play already. (Steam has over 10,000 games available, and the backlog of most PC gamers outweigh that. Pfff, no games)

Fast-forward to 2017 and it would seem that Bungie and Activision have heard the cries of PC gamers, deciding it would be wise to not only announce the sequel, but to make it clear right away – Yes! it will be coming to PC. As humanity’s last saviours it’s fallen to hands of the PC Master Race (Sorry, I had to, couldn’t resist) to protect mankind’s last safe city from a devastating invasion. Stripped of their powers without a radioactive spider in-sight, the Guardians will have to reclaim some resemblance of power and reclaim what was once theirs. Working alongside their online companions, Guardians are given the choice of 3 classes from the original game – the Warlock, Titan, and Hunter – along with 3 new Sub-Classes – the Titan Striker, Hunter Gunslinger, and Warlock Dawnblade.

Packed with an incredible story campaign, additional side missions and an amazing number of quests, Guardians will be given the opportunity to explore the vast corners of the solar system, ranking up skill points to do battle with the dastardly Red Legion. Armed with the power of GeForce GTX 10-Series graphics cards, PC gamers will be waging war on a completely different front to that of the console Guardians. Equipped with GTX 1050 and above graphics cards, PC gamers will be doing battle at 60 frames-per-second with maximum visual quality – along with those on the higher end bringing the fight in true 4K resolution. Because 30 frames-per-second just wasn’t enough, the need for 60Hz and above gameplay will most certainly ensure that PC gamers reclaim their home – fighting alongside one another with pixel-perfect-precision and accurate aiming  thanks to mouse and keyboard support – the way it’s meant to be played.

Best experienced on GeForce GTX 1060, 1070, 1080 and 1080Ti graphics cards for even higher resolutions and increased frame rates, new Legends will certainly rise for the launch of Destiny 2.

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