British eSports Association & Dino PC

During the months of June & July Dino PC will be partnering with Westminster Council and the British eSports Association for an educational pilot scheme geared towards children and younger audiences. Designed to improve the wellbeing and social interactions between children as well as those with an interest in competitive gaming, the event will encourage team-work, challenge and skill, using eSports as the fundamental tool for teaching. As a non-profit organization the British eSports Association specializes in educational events and social schemes for children, across various schools and venues throughout London.

Using the popular video game Rocket League for the purposes of this event, children will be provided with a series of talks, assistance and guidance, with those such as Dominic Sacco and Rob Allen being present throughout the entire duration of the event providing training and information. Ensuring the audience is equipped with the highest performing gaming systems, DinoPC have built a new range of systems that have been specifically tweaked and tested as to deliver consistent and reliable gameplay that’s great for Rocket League. As a critically-acclaimed title with numerous awards and great gameplay experiences, DinoPC approves of the chosen game.

For further information about the British eSports Association:
June 20th / June 27th (4pm-6pm)
July 4th / July 11th (4pm-6pm)
Maida Vale library, Sutherland Ave, London – W9 2QT

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